Group Session: The Power of Employer Sponsored On-Site Health Centers

National popularity of employer-sponsored health centers is growing. Their capabilities to "bend the trend" of health plan costs have captured national attention. In addition, employers with dedicated clinics have been able to use them as recruiting tools as well as guarantee primary care access for their employees during the pandemic.


Yet, there are a variety of models in the marketplace from which employers may choose. These range from "doc-in-the-box" offices to substantial medical facilities which add to primary care ancillary services such as pharmacy, pain management and mental health. How should an interested health plan sponsor choose among them?


Audience Takeaways:

  • Risk Pools or Self-Funding?
  • Turbo-charging self-funded health plan savings
  • How to evaluate different health center models
  • Determining costs of investment and measuring ROI
Start Time
11:10 AM
Session Materials
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