Action Lab: (IN-PERSON ONLY) Restorative Circles: Engaging the Community

Restorative Justice is a mindset and a set of practices based on relationships and accountability. It is used to build community and relationships, prevent and address harm and conflict, and help people positively re-integrate into school or a community after an extended absence.

Restorative community building circles provide the opportunity for people to practice listening and speaking in a different way. Circles allow us to learn, practice, and improve upon many essential skills. These skills include but are not limited to mindfulness, perspective taking, building relationships, appreciating diversity, feelings identification, problem solving, building empathy, conflict resolution, and critical thinking.

Through discussion and watching a video, participants will learn about the positive impacts of restorative practices in schools and communities. Through participation in a community building circle about values, participants will learn how to use circles and other simple restorative practices to improve relationships, share ideas, and engage community members. 

Start Time
12:55 PM
Session Materials