Group Session: An Exercise in Ethical Leadership: Implementing an Equity Audit

Administrators are guided by an ethical compass that dictates the decisions that they make. As district leaders, they are guided by, and guide others toward, a vision and mission to serve their communities. It is critical for administrators to periodically and authentically reflect upon their ethical compass. For administrators who find themselves in districts in which the multilingualĀ student population is growing, they must take the time to thoughtfully consider their current practices and how those practices can be culturally and linguistically considerate of all learners. Enter the Equity Audit. The Equity Audit is a three-step process:1. Reveal 2. Reflect 3. Recalibrate. Through the Equity Audit process, administrators will take time to reveal their ELs' disaggregated. longitudinal data, reflect on the patterns and identify strengths as well as the problems of practice, and recalibrate their vision and mission to leverage the strengths of their growing population of ELs.

Start Time
2:10 PM
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